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"Instead of viewing glass as simply another canvas, Ron Desmett recognizes and exploits the molten bubble as the very different creature that it is. Desmett's stumpy, lidded vessel proves the powerful sculptural potential of blown glass — a difficult and seldom successfully realized task. There is a figural quality in the neck and soft shoulders of opaque blackness. The solid shape recalls the beautiful pragmatism of cast iron and also clearly relates to Japanese-inspired twentieth-century western Studio Ceramics. Glass like Desmett's retains and projects an immediacy and expressiveness that is often lost in the firing and refiring of clay."

--Susanne K Frantz. 20/20 Vision, Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Village, NJ 2003

"Ron Desmett had the idea that he wanted to cast glass vessels in wood. Not unusual, since wood has been used in making molds for glass for centuries. But Desmett had an interesting twist on the old-fashioned idea: He wanted to blow glass into the hollowed tree trunks of rotting walnut trees. That involved the laborious process of cutting up chunks of tree trunks, scraping out their soft, dead cores and soaking them in water to prepare them for the molten glass that was to be blown inside of them."

--Kurt Shaw, Five Artists Shatter Boundaries by Experimenting in Glass, PittsburghTribune Review, December 15, 2002